Reviews Updated July 9th

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So here's the deal guys, aurora's body is great, one of the best around, but if you're looking for a girl who is fun, adventurous, sexy, just all the things that make girls really really alluring, she has it! She's seriously so fun to hang out with, a party would be more than I can imagine right now! You realize almost immediately upon meeting Aurora that she is a. sensual b. sweet and c. good with her hands. These are all not good, but GREAT things! She really really knows how to make you the center of attention! A top notch quality!- J.

Aurora gave me hug lead me to the room, she told me to get undressed get on table. After couple of minutes she came back in room started taking her clothes of down to her thong. We embraced kissed alittle while my hands where touching her ass then feeling those nice big boobs. Layed face down she begins massage by pouring oil over my back rubbing my shoulder and arms then my hands after that she works down to my ass and legs while she's rubbing my legs I'm touching her soft skin of her legs then she reaches down touch's my cock and balls now I'm getting rock hard. Next she has me flip over on to my back before I do that will you take off the thong. She said will you help with that, you betcha I will we slide it off now I'm looking at her nice shaved pussy. Now I'm on my back she is reaching across my chest down to my stomach pausing for few minutes while I look up start licking her nipples then sucking on those amazing boobs. After few minutes of that she hops on table straddles me RCG oils up my cock while I'm touching her ass then start rubbing her clit she is strocking me good then stops looks back at me then back at while also rubbing the boys now I'm getting ready to blow she slides my cock in her boobs still strocking me then I blew my load all over her boobs and hand. Wow that felt amazing. I will be repeating soon with Scarlett.- R.

After setting up the appointment, I visited Aurora. She greeted me with a big hug, through out session she giggled and flirted with me making it a true girlfriend experience.'s I was expecting an average girl but was blown away by how natural and beautiful she is, with long blonde curled hair and perfectly smile..... Twice in a row after she twerked on it. Definitely will be returning. Sexy and definitely knows her way around the bedroom. She was ready exactly on time and dressed as I requested and brought the toys and oil to top it off. She stripped down to a see through lace outfit that showed off here huge tits. We talked about our favorite pornos then began to act put our favorite scene  She joked with me and kissed me often so she seemed to really enjoy. After the toys I slid in shes very tight. We went at this twice, she rode backwards so I could she that stripper twerk she talked about. finishing all over her ass. We wrapped up with a shower and a hug good bye. She was very genuine and it felt like real chemistry.-D.

I contacted Aurora after her post on the board. I was actually eyeing her for a while, though but she didn't have any recent reviews at that time and so, I waited. However, my other head decided for me and so, I took the plunge. And I was very happy. She is a good provider, young, with good body. Not to mention, she isn't a clock watcher. What more can you expect? Go, call her! So, I sent her a PM  for a weekend trip. So, I messaged her back and for whatever reason, there were some odd similarities between us (that was very unique) and then there were the witty banter back and forth and etc. It was such a good feeling, and went to see her. When I saw her, I could see she is a hottie with a body and with nice breasts (as apparent from her dress she was wearing) and her demeanor was very inviting and relaxed. So, I knew, I would have a good time ahead. We discussed her "gold level, mutual touch session”. She already had all kinds of candle going. She synched her phone to the music and we went for the deeds. I went close to her and start helping her shedding her clothes soon as her bra came off, I saw the lovely, big breasts and I immediately started to fondle them, as we were talking. they were so exquisite and inviting and natural.....hmmmShe was a bit submissive thru out and at this point, she started to moan softly and I looked up and she had a bit of smile on her face as well. She was getting and hot and so was I. I didn't need any help at this point and asked her if she is ready and she nodded. She felt tight and wet. I started to pound her. After, I sat down and started to talk, as she seemed like a cool, relaxed girl from the getgo. We talked for a while.  Then I looked at the time and it was about 15 min to the hour. So, I asked her if we can go again. And she said sure. So, she did a bit of hj to get jr. going. This time she kinda sat with her legs wide spread (gave me a "porn" vibe:-)) .this time it was better than first time. However, after a bit I realized, it might not happen this time. So, she changed position (reverse cow girl first and then cow girl) and she was grinding me hard with her pussy and I was sucking on her breasts and playing with her breasts .........then I came again. And mission was accomplished. She had one of those "hot towel" machine from her massage activities and so, I cleaned up with those and then we talked for a bit more. I told her that I might need to spend more time with the twins longer, next time as she had one of the nicest set of natural breasts! By the time, I left, it was more than 90 minutes since I arrived! And it felt like ten minutes as I had a good, relaxing time with her. And she was so easy to talk to. Really. All in all, to be with someone so young (I think, she said she is still only 20) like her, with a cute face, hot body (oh, those breasts!), AND doing MSOG and easy to talk to personality, well it's a no brainer! Guys should line up!! I will say one thing though: she is vey cautious girl. Be a gentleman and she will truly deliver.-C.

She was a little reserved at first but once we were both undressed she opened up. She gave an excellent message, on par with the best I have had, she paid attention to my muscles throughout my body and made a point to hit all the important spots in a manner that did not feel routine or mechanical. On the flip, she continued to message my front using what I would describe as professional technique. eventually she made her way to my member and bent over and let me have access to her body, I did not try to push any boundries, but she did let me fiv which was pretty erotic. she also like to kneel over me and spit on my cock to add more lube which was I thought was hot. She is a beautiful woman with a rockin' body and I look forward to seeing her in the future.- W.

She looked nice so I was happy. Went to the room which is clean. She asked to get comfortable and we both took the clothes off and I down. She started a nice neck massage which felt good as I was sore. Had a nice conversation through out the session. She then moved to my legs and I kind of opened my legs apart so she got the signal to play with junior and she grabbed it and played with it and balls. I got hard as she had good technique. Time to flip and got nice view of her and played sucked her boobs and some action with pussy while she oiled and started stroking me. It got pretty hot and I had a nice orgasm. She provided hot towels to clean up. Time was almost up so quick kiss on cheek and good bye.-M.