Dear prospective patron,

I want to graciously thank you for taking the time to peruse through my photos and biography. You are in for a treat! Tantalizing teasing photos await before entering my room to experience nothing like ever before. A few words I’ve been described with by others include, jubilant, exuberant, compassionate, classy, well-mannered, brilliant, carefree and sensual. I do live up to my raving reviews, but to better get to know me I’d love to give you a little insight. 

I was raised in the Midwest in a small town of a genuine good-hearted humble farming community. I lived on a dairy and grain farm for a couple of years before moving to the big city. I grew up cheerleading, swimming competitively, dancing ballet, and performing my little heart out in every play or musical I could be a part of. I found my real passion of giving back through volunteer service, with the disabled, animal shelters, as well as food and clothing shelters. I began to find a voice in platforms, speech classes, and mock government programs. I have a strong love for learning and started college early before attending a prestigious private university in my home state. I enjoy intriguing conversations and can hold many on a wide variety of topics.

You will be captivated by my angelic beauty, charming personality, long blonde locks, bright green eyes, and soft caress-able and embraceable curves. I stand at 5’4 with 34DDD/ 29/ 34 measurements. This is enough to drive you over the top even before my gentle touch sends tingling chills through your body leaving you aroused and breathless. 

I prefer intimately extended overnights, adventurous dates, and getaways to increase our personal connection. The connection is key, and I love to get to know the many qualities of you through our time together. Although I am by no means opposed to a quickie as it can be just as exhilarating.

Start the spark! Tell me all of your lustful desires and fantasies. I anticipate all the fun we will have together! 

Hugs and kisses,

Aurora Amore

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      Carson City, Nevada, USA

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      5 ft. 4 in.

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      34 DDD


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      Men, Women, Couples, and TVTS

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